Company Profile

? ? ?Founded in 2017, Kind Universe Juvenile Products Co., Ltd. has a brand named tiny footprint from the United States. Han Feng, the founder of the company, has worked for many years in the senior management of automobile manufacturing and maternity products companies? with extensive industry knowledge and experience in supply chain management, design and R & D. Its teams come from well-known enterprises in related fields and recruit famous designers from Germany and Spain to ensure the R & D and design of products. Dedicated to the spirit of craftsmanship, employees focus on creating safe, environmental-friendly and unique products.
  • Cash.Han

    员工宣言:For the miracle of life, we bring beauty and fashion to our young parents, and at the same time bring safe, comfortable and environmental-friendly products to our most cherished ones. Wherever you live, we will try to bring our products and services to you.
  • Susan.Ni

    员工宣言:Each products is of true love which can give babies mother care and happiness.
  • David.Duan

    员工宣言: We are committed to providing young parents with the most valuable gift for their children-an eco-friendly, safe space and environment to grow up in.
  • Joe.Zhu

    员工宣言: We are not only selling products, but also provide care and safe. Only by being responsible for you and your babies can we be trusted, and trust is our ultimate driving force for the pursuit of perfect quality.
  • Royal.Shen

    员工宣言:The pursuit of excellence and outstanding is always our true and original aspiration. Safety, comfort, environmental protection and fashion will always be our eternal pursuit. We are engaged in not only simple sales, but also the emotional relationship between parents and children. In order to bring your babies the best product experience, safe, healthy, happy and fashion will company your babies together.
  • Iris.Zhou

    员工宣言: It is our lucky to meet you because your love makes every detail we seek invaluable; and it is nice that we meet each other to let you see our persistence, our dedication, and the extraordinary significance of our pursuit. We are professional and careful to products as well as mothers and children, which is due to our commitment to bring safety and love to you...We are professional products, we are mothers and mothers, which are derived from our commitment to safety and love to your side ... ...
  • Saya.Yu

    员工宣言:We focus on the current fashionable, safe and eco-friendly lifestyle. And we are committed to bringing the latest technology and contemporary aesthetics to your family. We draw inspiration from architecture, fashion and new modes of travel as we are striving to keep up to date with the latest fashion attitudes.
  • Jordi Dedeu

    员工宣言:We have a Spanish high-end furniture designer who presented the latest furniture and sofa designs at the Zaragoza Shanghai and Milan expositions, who designed seats for cinemas and auditorium and who served as the design director of Spain's largest furniture company.
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