Brand Introduction

    tiny footprint 2015 was born in the United States, advocating green, environmental protection, fashion brand concept. Its specialty products are tableware made of bamboo fiber, which has been followed and loved by many consumers in the U.S. market. According to incomplete statistics,there are about 7 million followers at on line sales platforms in the United States, and they have been paying attention The trend of our brand, and our products in the United States, the major line stores are also everywhere. Today, tiny foo tprint comes to China, bringing not only environmentally-friendly children's tableware to young parents in China, but also a richer product line that enables young parents and children in China to experience extraordinary things from a foreign country feel.

Brand Declaration

    Our aim is not only to bring high value, fashion and safety products to the market, but also to provide consumers with a gateway to green living. We are committed to motivating more people to choose more environmentally friendly products to create a low-carbon, healthy planet through our brands and products.